lead abatement
Lead is a metal highly resistant to corrosion, extensively used in the construction industry for its properties. Lead is poisonous and rapidly absorbed in to the blood stream and is believed to cause adverse side effects to the central nervous systems (especially in young children), the kidneys, the immune system, the cardiovascular system ; causing brain and blood disorders and many other health effects according to scientists. The concerns about lead’s roles in health effects are very extensive.

Up to the mid-1980s lead was extensively used in many products like paint, including households. Older houses may still contain substantial amounts of lead paint and as a result the paint should never be stripped by sanding, as this produces inhalable lead containing dust. Lead is as a hazardous material classified under Designated Substances, regulated under the Health and Safety Act. Its presence in your building can represent a potential future liability.

If you are concerned or suspect about lead contaminated structures in you place, it is very important to test the materials or treat it as hazardous material. The JCH team can offer you the experience and expertise to safely removed lead containing materials in your place to meet your needs to comply with the legislative requirements.

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