Vermiculite Insulation

Vermiculate is a naturally occurring mineral that has unique properties. These properties make vermiculate suitable for many uses in the construction industry including attic insulation. Vermiculate attic insulation looks like pebble-like usually light-brown/pink or gold in color. Expert reports claims that vermiculite attic insulation sold under the trade name “Zonolite” from 1940 to 1984 may be contaminated with asbestos. It is known that most of the world’s supply of vermiculate came from the mine near Libby, Montana. This mine has natural occurring asbestos mineral which resulted in the contamination of the raw vermiculate, according to media reports.

Tainted Vermiculate can only be determined by expert testing. If you are not sure whether you have tainted vermiculate, treat it like asbestos until tested, any disturbance can potentially release asbestos fibres in to the air, become air born and breathed in to the lungs.

Vermiculate becomes a concern when it needs to be removed, has risk for any disturbance, demolition, renovation and repair. The JCH team can offer you the experience and expertise to safely remove the vermiculite materials in your place to meet your needs to comply with the legislative requirements.

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